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Thursday, October 9, 2014

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01/16/2018  The Father Knows
01/09/2018  The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!
01/04/2018  When Jesus denied that he is God
01/02/2018  Readers, Seekers, and Learners

12/28/2017  The Prophecy of the Good Shepherd
12/26/2017  Isaac, Schrödinger's cat, and Santa Claus: Virtual Reality, Paradox and Myth
12/25/2017  Why I Believe Jesus came in Finality in 70 A.D.
12/20/2017  The Day of the Lord: darkened sun, blood moon, fallen stars
12/19/2017  Is the virgin birth of Jesus a myth?
12/12/2017  The Son can do nothing of Himself
12/07/2017  Jesus: a gluttonous man and a drunkard
12/06/2017  The Only True God

11/25/2017  First Believe?
11/23/2017  Deity and the diversity and unity of one
11/22/2017  The sacrifice of Jephthah's daughter and righteousness
11/16/2017  Yahweh, Lord of hosts
11/15/2017  The Christian's weapon of choice
11/09/2017  Jesus: I lay down my life

10/29/2017  If God Existed . . .
10/29/2017  Why Do Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music
10/03/2017   Eternal Generation of the Son

09/24/2017  And Justice for All
09/02/2017  Serving Tables: The Involvement of the Daughters of God in the Assembly

08/23/2017  How do those who are spiritual do justice?
08/22/2017  Women and the law of propriety and order
08/12/2017  Ezra: Put away your wives
08/03/2017  Why did Jesus not choose any women to wash their feet?

07/29/2017  Parallel objective lessons from Paul
07/19/2017  Principle and Practice, Prophets and Deacons
07/13/2017  Observation and query on Artemis in Acts 19
07/09/2017  Is the Resurrection of Jesus a Falsifiable Prediction?
07/05/2017  Observations and lessons for women and men from Huldah, the prophetess

06/27/2017  Were the apostles baptized?
06/26/2017  Announcements, communion and reading in the assembly by Women
06/21/2017  Spirits now in prison
06/19/2017  Baptism, baptism by fire, baptism with/in the Holy Spirit
06/12/0217  You Can Always Get What You Want
06/07/2017  The Charge of Heresy

05/27/2017  Jesus: The Father is Greater than I
05/22/2017  The Longing Desire of Moses

04/09/2017  A Change of Mind

02/07/2017  Confirmations, charges and other noise makers

01/29/2017  Building a Wall
01/26/2017  The Indwelling of Deity in the Believer

10/23/2016  King Hezekiah and King Hazael
10/19/2016  The Anointed Sinners, Moses and David

09/05/2016  Quietness, Salvation and Women

08/08/2016  The Call for Making Reparations

06/13/2016  The Murder of Homosexuals in Orlando Florida Nightclub

04/10/2016  God: Thinks, Feels and Acts

03/28/2016  Love With All Emotion, Intellect, Subconscious and Strength
03/06/2016  Muhammad as Spirit of Truth: A Christian Testimony Against Islamphobia
03/05/2016  David himself calls him 'Lord'
03/03/2016  Unity of the Spirit and The Shema

02/23/2016  He Has Explained
02/14/2016  Were The Prophets Called Gods?
02/12/2016  They Saw God
02/09/2016  Not All Things Edify
02/04/2016  Worship: With All Your Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength

01/26/2016  Who Died?
01/22/2016  Was Jesus Ignorant?
01/21/2016  Do You Hear The One I Saw?
01/17/2016  Preexistence: John is Elijah
01/12/2016  Book: The Son of God: Three Views of the identity of Jesus . . . a response
01/01/2016  New Year's Day: Purpose, Fulfillment and Affirmation

12/15/2015  Isaiah 6
12/14/2015  Crucifixion: Blunt Heart Trauma
12/11/2015  T'is The Season
12/01/2015  One In Us

11/27/2015  The Begotten Son
11/26/2015  The Spirit of Truth: With You and In You
11/17/2015  Sin, Righteousness, Judgment and ISIS
11/14/2015  I Opposed Him to his Face

10/31/2015  For Our Instruction: The Past, Present and Future of Israel
10/02/2015  Government and Church

09/23/2015  He called them gods
09/05/2015  Sisters in Christ: Fulfilling the Ministry of Teaching and Preaching

08/28/2015  Image and Power
08/19/2015  Gifts, Ministries and Effects

07/19/2015  What Difference Does It Make?

06/30/2015  God is one: On a Unitarian and Trinitarian debate
06/20/2015  The Image of Racism
06/09/2015  Gender Change and The Image of Male and Female

05/27/2015  In Between Epiphany & Emmanuel sermon: A response to invitation to LGBT
05/09/2015  Debunking Ignorance Concerning Babies and Isaac
05/03/2015  Same-sex, Tradition, and Marriage

04/18/2015  Why I Think Jesus Didn't Exist
02/15/2015  In Between Epiphany and Emmanuel: A response to invitation to LGBT
01/25/2015   Winning Football, Misreading Scripture: New Terminologies and Catchy Phrases
01/01/2015  The Bible: So Misunderstood It's a Sin

12/20/2014  Matthew 24 & I Timothy: power and salvation in Rome and Artemis
12/07/2014  Fourth Avenue Church of Christ: A commendation with exhortation
11/29/2014  Jesus' Marriage to Mary the Magdalene is Fiction
11/23/2014  The Indwelling of Deity in the Believer
11/09/2014  The work of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the disciple
11/03/2014  What is truth?
10/18/2014  Do you want the Holy Spirit?
10/17/2014  What is Halloween?
10/13/2014  Holidays: Pentecost and Halloween
09/17/2014  BCV and context
09/10/2014  Disproving Christianity: Jesus is a LIE
08/13/2014  Suicide and mistaken notions
07/29/2014  Suffer the Children: American & Christian response to the immgrant children crisis
07/14/2014  all Israel will be saved: Replacement Theology
06/01/2014  Jesus and Zacchaeus
05/22/2014  The Singularity
05/10/2014  Transcript: Nearing the End - A Conversation with Theologian Stanley Hauerwas
05/02/2014  Real things, unseen things
04/26/2014  The Muslim fear of death
04/11/2014  How God did not become a man, but took on the form of man
04/06/2014  Do you eat Halal?
03/25/2014  Jesus and Paul: concessions for the divorced, abandoned and unmarried
03/08/2014  Led by the Spirit / Walk by the Spirit
01/23/2014  The Cult of Artemis and the Royal Priesthood
01/22/2014  The Righteous Who Live by Faith
01/18/2014  Does this offend you?

12/25/2013  The Righteous Shall Live By Faith
12/19/2013  The Indwelling of Deity in Jesus
11/02/2013  Jesus: Love & Hate
10/27/2013  What is Halloween?
10/22/2013  Melchizedek, priest of God Most High
07/05/2013  Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church
07/31/2013  Glen Beck is playing prophet
06/17/2013  The belief of childbearing in I Timothy 2
06/06/2013  The Cult of Artemis and the Royal Priesthood
06/02/2013  The Homosexual Right to Worker Benefits
05/30/2013  Weightier Matters
05/09/2013  Jesus Unscripted
04/30/2013  Walk in the Spirit
03/15/2013  Application principals on same-sex benefits from a parable
02/23/2013  Purity
01/14/2013  Searching for the Baby in the Bathwater --- a partial response
01/10/2013  Out-gunning the un-gunned
01/01/2013  Human sacrifice at Moriah and Egypt

12/14/2012  Our Responsibility as a Society
11/07/2012  This Mystery is Great: Unity and Marriage
09/08/2012  The Mystery Satan Did Not Know
08/12/2012  Sound bites in politics and religion
07/22/2012  110% Proof Jesus is not God - - a response
07/20/2012  The problem with fundamentalism, part 2: Religious fundamentalism - - a response
07/01/2012  The Problem of Paul - - a response
06/07/2012  Christianity Unmasked
03/03/2012  Rush Limbaugh: The mockery of mockers
02/21/2012  Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus - - - a comment
02/17/2012  Christianity and Gender - - - a comment
02/04/2012  The unwearied human body
01/06/2012  Father, Son, Holy Spirit . . . heart, mind and soul

12/26/2011  Christmas and holidays
12/18/2011  Serving Tables
10/27/2011  When the perfect comes
09/21/2011  The Submission of Jesus
08/20/2011  Spirit and truth: The Samaritan woman and Jesus
06/29/2011  In the Spirit
06/28/2011  The Lord's Supper
05/30/2011  Ahamd Deedat Explain who is the Holy Spirit
05/08/2011  Is Jesus Both God and Man? - - a comment
05/07/2011  The Trinity Delusion: a response
05/01/2011  The Wedding
04/30/2011  Judging Others
04/10/2011  A Properly Baked Cake
04/07/2011  Khalid Yasin: What Jesus said about Muhammed
03/05/2011  Royal Priesthood
03/01/2011  Book sparks charges of heresy
02/05/2011  Sorcery and Rebellion: One coin, two sides
01/31/2011  I Am Amazed
01/23/2011  If There Is A Prophet
01/21/2011  One Way to the Father
01/02/2011  One Year Bible

12/22/2010  A Most Wonderful Day in Eden
12/11/2010  A Christmas Moment
12/10/2010  My Birthday
11/09/2010  Humanists launch huge "godless" ad campaign
10/25/2010  What is Halloween?
10/01/2010  22 days
09/16/2010  Our moral code is out of date
08/31/2010  Stumbling Over Things We See
05/26/2010  The Human Jesus: a response
05/07/2010  God is (not) dead
04/29/2010  Father, Son and Holy Spirit
04/20/2010  Marks of a Spiritual
04/03/2010  The Resurrection of Jesus

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