Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Humanists launch huge "godless" ad campaign

Humanists think. Indeed.  There's hardly anymore thought in the humanists' world view than his childhood school days show-and-tell: Just talk about what you can see with your eyes and feel with your hands. The "Humanists Think" slogan of humanists, atheists or by whatever stripe they wish to color themselves makes for a good sound bite, but like sound bites it too neither requires nor reflects any thinking. It's the same old oneupmanship of the American mindset: Thinking is better than believing. Of course, the reverse of that is no different: Believing is better than thinking.

The Speckhardt quotation illustrates this well enough: "We know that you can be good without God, but many folks in America don't know that," he said." I, as a believing theist, understand that without any problem. What Speckhardt and his brethren haven't and can't think about is how they would engage for a resolution in, for example, in a horrifically, all-to-common, (un)civil matter of homicide. One might anticipate nothing more than an adaptation of  the undiscerning Spechhardt's words, "It's quite obvious that  the Bible contains horrific material . . ." or something horrific has happened hereThe feeble, anemic inability of humanists to foster a godless world runs amok very quickly once he takes it beyond his personal comfort zone. Better yet, stay in the comfort zone. Let the advertising madman do it.