Monday, June 13, 2016

The Murder of Homosexuals in Orlando, Florida Nightclub

This is going to be brief concerning the killing of Americans in a Miami Florida nightclub. I admit I do not have all the details. I have not conducted any type of investigation and the premise concerning that murder is based on some mainstream media reports and social media sources. The preliminary indications, as I have been able to understand and about which I have drawn my conclusions (and about which I may turn out to be mistaken, nonetheless the core of this message will stand) is that the murderer targeted his victims because of their homosexuality or their association with homosexuals, or otherwise no particular reason. It’s not like he made sure that anyone who did not fall in either of those two categories would be spared the slaughter which would soon follow.

Undoubtedly, there are various views taken and which are being heard concerning the Orlando nightclub murders. There is the gun control view,

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Psalm 110: Melchizedek and the preexistence of Jesus

There is a great deal of speculation and denial concerning the preexistence of Jesus. Some, perhaps much or most of this, originates with what is touted as scholarly handling of the scriptures. The extension of this problem is that the some, or many, saints accept unquestionably as being true and accurate. The ancient and new sources which are cited and quoted are seemingly endless. Some are quick to ascribe a level of authority to those sources (such as Second Temple era) on par with the scriptures solely on the basis of their antiquity and their notable variation from scripture. In other words the fact that those sources are at variance with the scripture is sufficient to question the veracity of scripture rather than those ancient sources.  There is also the abundance of word and phrase dissections in the Hebrew and Greek languages. This is not to oppose or reject scholarly work. Rather, it is just that much of what often emerges is of little edification for the saints in Christ.

my Lord

There is an interesting insight concerning the preexistence of Jesus