Monday, June 13, 2016

The Murder of Homosexuals in Orlando, Florida Nightclub

This is going to be brief concerning the killing of Americans in a Miami Florida nightclub. I admit I do not have all the details. I have not conducted any type of investigation and the premise concerning that murder is based on some mainstream media reports and social media sources. The preliminary indications, as I have been able to understand and about which I have drawn my conclusions (and about which I may turn out to be mistaken, nonetheless the core of this message will stand) is that the murderer targeted his victims because of their homosexuality or their association with homosexuals, or otherwise no particular reason. It’s not like he made sure that anyone who did not fall in either of those two categories would be spared the slaughter which would soon follow.

Undoubtedly, there are various views taken and which are being heard concerning the Orlando nightclub murders. There is the gun control view,
the terrorism view, the moral view and a lot of political hay. The course which I will follow in this article is the moral view.

The reason why I feel compelled to speak up about this is as much for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are at the very least as ignorant about the matters of faith on morality which they profess as are the nonbelievers who hear them squeal with some glee or otherwise keep a condoning silence for the murder atrocity.

There is no need and there is no room for ignorance concerning the immorality of ANY sin whether it is murder, homosexuality, greed or lying. There is nothing praiseworthy about it. There is everything to condemn about the murder and the murderer. There is need and there is room for understanding about these and ALL sins among the saints in Christ.

Specifically, the apostle Paul instructed the saints in Christ for their understanding that they were not to be about the business of judging or condemning those who know not God, that is, who are in the world and live for the world and its pleasures of sin.

Yes, the saints in Christ, as gave Paul instruction, are to judge, not those who are in the world or a nightclub in Orlando, but they are to judge those who are in the body of Christ. Those whom the body of Christ was to judge then and today include those whose lives had previously been given to subject and in bondage to what were once, according to them, virtues but had long since turned to vices. There is an extraordinarily powerful example of this judgment, as Paul referred to him, of a so-called brother, in the church in Corinth whose sexual immorality (heterosexual, it is to be noted) had become a joyful celebratory noise of their love among the assembly of the saints. Paul strongly admonished them and not only judged the man, but he urged them to do the same. It was a not licence to engage in tearing into the fornicator, but that the judgment of all might result in his repentance and salvation. He did repent and was restored subsequently. I Corinthians 5

Nobody comes to commit their live and submit to Jesus as Lord and Savior without becoming keenly aware of their own sin. There are no points to be gained, as though the saints in Christ had been commissioned to seek points to ensure their place in heaven or pleasure with God. The children of God are neither to play ignorant nor to shout out their glee as in the Orlando murder of homosexuals. There is no righteousness in murder. There is no exuberance in the silence of murder. There is no more righteousness in their murder than when American military personnel in Ft. Hood were gunned down.

Jesus was asked to make a comparative judgment between two different groups of people who perished. Here is his reply.

The proclamation of the love of God is the same and just as loud today as it has been made known by the saints in Christ. It is not to be suppressed and it is to be proclaimed with joy for the enlightenment of those who know not the love of God. Do not mistake the murder of homosexuals in a Miami nightclub as a cause for you to gloat in some perverse notion of righteousness or the will of God. Remember that you, too, were once lost in sin, but by the grace of God you have been redeemed to walk in newness of life.

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