Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Responsibility as a Society

My prayers and condolences go out for those mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who have suffered a great loss in their families in America, today. Even as they grieve there is no reason why others of us can not, yet again, speak to this evil that ensnares itself on our society only to rear its ugliest at any season.


I do not own a gun, but I do not have a problem with anyone owning a gun, guns, rifles including assault rifles. I have no need for any of these things. No need to paint a scenario as to what I would do if the picture were painted in different shades. I know the Lord, my God. I can understand and have no problem with someone exercising their pre-determined judgment either to shoot or to kill anyone who assaults them or intrudes into their home.

I also understand the American constitutional right, not only to own guns, but to use them. The problem is neither gun control, guns, the type of gun nor the mental state of one who has grossly abused the right to own and use a gun.


The problem is our sense of responsibility as individuals and a society. Only in some rare instances has a murderous assault on society been averted by those middle and high school children who would not be silenced by the social stigma of telling on another. When they, like others, heard one of their own utter his intentions to come back with a gun they did the responsible thing and spoke up. Their immediate response to the problem was neither to ignore the individual nor to ask the individual to stop talking that way, but to go to adults in positions of responsibility who, wisely and prudently enough, acted accordingly. Our society pressures its own to keep silent and never tell what is spoken or happens behind closed doors, that is, unless you're a baby or you are not a man. Our society regularly learns of acts long kept secret because the exposure would mean a blow to individuals or organizations deemed more worthy than the victims. No wonder the children and adults alike will often keep silent when they ought to speak up.

Gun owners' talk

Gun owners know their duty to be responsible with their guns. They do not wander about shooting them off as they please. Here is where adults, both gun owners and non owners, have yet to understand and live responsibly, not with guns, but with their tongues. Even the (so called) dialog and statements in the aftermath of the latest atrocity the chorus heard is the exchange of one-liner assertions of what is NOT the problem instead of a probing for the problem and the solution.

There is a sporting talk heard as much on social media on the use of one's gun as it is heard aloud in many other settings. This is as common from professing Christians as non Christians. It is the blood lust thirst for the foolish intruder on whom to gladly and eagerly unload a gun. It's a common scenario painted too often to assert one's right to self-defense and ready willingness to, in the popular vernacular, - blow someone away. This bravado is often accompanied complete, as if we did not know, with a photo or illustration of a weapon.

Acting and talking responsibly

Like I said, I have no problem, I understand and accept the individual's right and use of his/her gun, but by what stretch of our collective social mind is it acceptable to ignore with total silence when that same individual shoots off his mouth irresponsibly about using that gun as his answer to a problem?

And, if we are to hold the bar up to a higher standard than comparing ourselves with one whose mental state is questionable, by what stretch of a responsible mind does anyone feel their mental soundness ought not be suspect if they think this is the stuff, that is, "blowing him away," for coffee table talk and posting on Facebook?

Politicians and gun control

I do not support or advocate gun control. I would advocate and would support legislation which would result in the permanent confiscation and revocation of future gun ownership when two or more witnesses can attest they have heard him/her shoot off their mouth about shooting off their gun. The ONLY way this can work is NOT through government, but through private citizens, responsible individual children and adults, who have a tongue to speak and understand and exercise a true sense of responsibility regardless whether or not they own a gun. If a gun owner can not distinguish between confiscation in this manner to support it and generic, across the board gun control which he can oppose; I would have cause to wonder.

I wonder how many of you, along with friends, would call to responsible accountability one of those friends when he is heard to shoot off his mouth about the use of his gun? Before gun control comes tongue control. Don't shoot off your mouth regardless whether or not you own a gun. Be just as eager and ready to speak up as you might be to use a gun. This basic message on tongue control by the apostle James is for the saints in Christ. However, let everyone judge for themselves and discern if it is not true that one who will not control his tongue so as to shoot off his would just as soon should his gun.

I would vote against the politicians' legislation which blindly and broadly attempts to deny gun ownership or similarly confiscate guns from citizens as their idea of a solution to the problem involving violence with guns.

Jesus: He laid down his life

Lastly, here's something I can say without threat to anyone or fear of anyone because I am responsible and accountable to God: Jesus came and did as He said He would do. He laid done his life, because no one can take it from him, (John 10:18) in order that you might have life and have it abundantly. (John 10:10) When not only his fingers but his whole body were stiff cold, he arose to triumph over death and its grip of fear. He is Lord only over those who have committed their lives to him as Lord and Savior. I understand and accept, as I learn from Jesus, the thought of laying down one's life is not something most individuals are prepared to do because the specter is frightening. Do you believe? Do you trust?

Peace to all.