Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walk in the Spirit

How do we "WALK IN THE SPIRIT" ?

This a great question, Michael. It is not from the familiar mold.

The fundamental approach I take to a question like this is to look to Jesus. He walked in the Spirit and as He walked in the so too are we.

Two passages come to mind: Romans 8 & Hebrews 2 and two key words: "after" and "bringing," respectively.

Please understand I refer to these words in their respective contexts merely to highlight WHAT those who walk in the Spirit can expect and HOW it will manifest itself in them. This is no great mystery, especially, or simply, because it is what is said of Jesus.

Those children of God who walk AFTER, (Romans 8:4) in other words according, to the Spirit are being led by him. What the Spirit is doing in leading us forward is the same as Jesus accomplished by BRINGING (Hebrews 2:10) many children to glory.

What was it that was evident and manifested clearly in the Jesus who walked in the Spirit? This is the message of Hebrews 2.

Those children of God who walk AFTER the Spirit are themselves being led, but they also BRINGING many children to glory. Like Jesus they too:

1) will suffer,
2) will learn,
3) will obey the guidance and call of the Spirit. This is not a spiritual badge or a feather in the disciple's cap as to show and tell, but through what they suffer, learn and obey they make known Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Get this. I love it because it is an enlightenment to so much of the flat platitudes the saints are fed from teachers and preachers about Jesus being perfect.

The goal of the Spirit leading those who walk in the Spirit is to MAKE them perfect in the SAME MANNER as Jesus was MADE PERFECT through what he suffered, learned and obeyed.