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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jesus: The Father is Greater than I

Jesus declared in John 14:28 “the Father  is greater than I.” How is this so? This declaration by Jesus is seized as the dagger against deity claims and the scriptures by atheists, skeptics, Muslims, Jews and others. Others seize these words as a contradiction on the teaching of the scriptures. Still others, including so-called unitarians and so-called trinitarians, seize the deity claims of Jesus

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Longing Desire of Moses

So-called gender issues get a lot of traction in American society. They take up much attention and time and, simply, they reflect a longing desire of the individual for a change in themselves. I do not think this is unique to America. It probably plays big in other countries. Gender is exerted either as dominant or submissive. There is a current obsession with gender identity. Specifically, it is involves the desire by some to simply claim a different identity other than the one with which they were born. Some others may claim that they have not denied their gender or their sex, but merely identify with another gender or sex than that of their birth.

This article is not about that issue and I do not make any claim to having knowledge on a professional level, but it seems inevitable to touch on the subject. So, I do wonder how much of the desire for those who switch their gender