Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Baby spit backwash, more marvelous than baby's breath

My wife and I are very joyful and rejoicing in the recent birth of our first grandchild, Ruby to our daughter and son-in-law. I am a regular listener of NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross. This is her interview with journalist and mother Angela Garbes.

If you love baby's breath, I do, (the real thing, not flowers) you'll love the marvel of baby spit backwash.

The first link is the audio and transcript of the interview. The second link is Angela Garbes new book. The third link is her article to which reference is made in the interview.

New Book Explores The Science Of Pregnancy 'Like A Mother'

Like A Mother: A Feminist Journey Through The Science And Culture Of Pregnancy

The more I learn about breast milk, the more amazed I am

The magic of physics and the resurrection of Jesus

Perhaps you have heard this assertion: the grave is the end. There is nothing beyond the grave. Perhaps you have heard this other assertion: the resurrection is a scientific impossibility. However, this is as much as to say physics is just as much magic as is the resurrection.

These assertions, when they are heard in discussions, are often heavily colored with choice expletives and cursing perhaps to create and enhance the impression of credibility. This is nothing unlike what Peter did in a frantic effort to boost his credibility after he had denied three times that he knew Jesus and no one believed him, right? You might say it's almost like a magic act when the magician utters the magic word abracadabra on his trick to make it seem real and true. Generally, the sole value of the other side of that two-fold cascade of expletives and cursing is nothing more substantive than to mock and deride the belief in the concept of an extension of life beyond the grave such as the resurrection from the dead. Christians, but also Jews, Muslims and even Hinduism with its cyclical reincarnation, all fall under the same derision, aspersion and mockery, not only from atheists, but between their respective beliefs.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wine and the Spirit

Let me begin with a sober and clear declaration. This article will focus on the topic of drinking, whether beer, wine or strong drink, by the saints in Christ. I have used the term wine in a general sense to refer or include all the above terms. I am mindful that there is no disclaimer sufficient here which would prevent any distortion or rash, wild and outlandish comparisons between one sin and another by some brothers and sisters. This may or may not be to discredit this article. Your substantive response from the written word of God is much welcome.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

An Incomplete and Disingenuous Apologetic

It is true that one must speak with conviction their understanding on a given subject in the scriptures. It is also true that it is not an easy matter to admit that our convictions which we have based on our understanding are mistaken. We might require some time away from the crossfire of discussion to reflect on what we have heard against what we have professed.

Here is a telltale indicator which may give good reason to be leery about a teaching; when the illustrations and rhetorical questions are so detached and disconnected so as to stretch thin the limits of credulity to where these become (especially in the absence of a ready response) or at least they appear to be true. The discussion concerning the question of deity is without exceptional exception. The discussion is often rife with disingenuous defenses on both sides of the discussion.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

He who is able to accept this, let him accept it

Divorce and remarriage touch the lives of women and men, the saints in Christ. Often divorce and remarriage ravages the lives of one or the other of two people who were once intimates. The scriptures reveal for us this subject of divorce and remarriage for our study, discussion and learning. These accounts in the scriptures also reveal something about those who lead, teach and preach. Generally, particularly the unaffected, do not think about this human experience as having been devoid of anything to accept or to receive.

The Old Testament scriptures relate the example of Ezra and Nehemiah and their response concerning the unequal yoke of mixed marriages among the children of Israel. There is the example in the New Testament of the Pharisees who approached Jesus with their questions on divorce. These examples are not to be dismissed as some ancient practice or a theological discussion. They reveal and equip with a response those who lead, teach and preach the word of the Lord concerning our brothers and sisters who are affected by divorce and remarriage.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

How could a good God allow suffering?

If that’s the Christian’s God who allows suffering I don’t want anything to do with him/her or it.

There are other similar responses to suffering by unbelievers and believers alike, but I think this will suffice for you to get the picture. Some of this responses are often laced with a heavy, thick coat of vile, foul profanities so as to either foment a froth of real substance or to incite and intimidate Christians. These responses to the problem of suffering serve a multi-purpose to deny, indict and condemn God, but also they are also not much more than a pretext to exalt oneself to a higher more noble, moral plane than, for unbelievers of a would-be God, and for believers of God who allows such suffering. It is not likely that those who espouse these responses to suffering would argue that these are well thought-out viewpoints. Mostly these are in the manner of a hit-and-run tactic. They are a means to push aside that whole God thing. It is hardly a solution to the problem of suffering much less the willingness to confront the struggle to understand suffering.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Father Knows

Admittedly, there was an alternate title for this article which crossed my mind; who’s your daddy? The point being, if you can move past my low grade humor, is on the superiority of father. Certainly, among Christians when the discussion centers on the question of deity one can almost hear the chant, Father! Father! Father! as the one who knows and who knows all things. This is especially true in contrast with the Son who unabashedly and unapologetically declared, in the minds of some saints, that he did not know the hour of his coming. Hence, Jesus dropped the deity card, or as others strongly imply in this gotcha theology, it makes Jesus unreliable.