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Monday, May 22, 2017

The Longing Desire of Moses

So-called gender issues get a lot of traction in American society. They take up much attention and time and, simply, they reflect a longing desire of the individual for a change in themselves. I do not think this is unique to America. It probably plays big in other countries. Gender is exerted either as dominant or submissive. There is a current obsession with gender identity. Specifically, it is involves the desire by some to simply claim a different identity other than the one with which they were born. Some others may claim that they have not denied their gender or their sex, but merely identify with another gender or sex than that of their birth.

This article is not about that issue and I do not make any claim to having knowledge on a professional level, but it seems inevitable to touch on the subject. So, I do wonder how much of the desire for those who switch their gender

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Change of Mind

President Donald Trump has changed his mind.

He has done the very thing which he urged President Obama not to do. He has done the very same thing which he assured Americans that he would not do if he were president. The reactions are as trite as they are disingenuous. Some Republican party members reveal, yet again, a serious cause to wonder about the mind of our national leaders. Some have cried that had they known President Trump would do as he has done towards Syria, that is as what they see, an involvement in the middle east they would have voted for Clinton. Briefly, here is why that is so farcical.

We have heard for years and we remember Trump’s and the entire Republican party telling us how they would at lightning speed repeal and replace President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. There is no one to blame for the fact of that debacle then the Republicans, this despite their majority control in Washington. Americans could reason similarly: If they had known the Republicans were going to be so inept and incompetent in their own plans towards their own party member in the White House and they could have just opted to stay the course with the equally same group of inept and incompetent politicians.

I have said for several decades that once a man gets into the White House the sobering reality begins to set in on them. Trump is experiencing it as much as Obama, Bush, Clinton and every president who has served.

Yes, a change of mind is not always good. Yes, sometimes it is bad. The charges of lying and hypocrisy abound, but I think the worse part of it is when the individual shows or offers absolutely nothing or any reason for the change of mind. Unless you have never changed your mind about anything than, really, you do not know about what you speak. Americans, but also Christians, have the option to change their minds and for the latter to be at a loss about these things may suggest their own change of mind concerning what they profess as their standard of authority, namely, the scriptures.

It is the scriptures which reveal for the saints in Christ, that is, Christians an abundance of instances of a change of mind. I will not even cite human examples. I will refer to instances in which God changed his mind after He had declared his purpose. Of course, this is precisely one of those things which curls some people’s hair concerning God, but one of the things it reveals is that God is not afraid or squeamish so as to not display some of what is common with us humans. I will refer to two instances in which God changed his mind. I will refer to a third instance for it’s uniqueness as it involved a people with whom did not have a covenant.

God changes his mind concerning mankind
The first instance occurred not long after the creation account which is related in Genesis. The wickedness, evil and immorality of man is what filled his mind such that God repented of the creation of his hands and set his purpose in motion to destroy mankind through the flood. (Genesis 6)

God changes his mind concerning Israel
The second instance was after God had delivered Israel through his servant Moses from four hundred years of slavery  in Egypt, triumphantly. Israel was on their way to Canaan, the land which God had promised to Abraham that He would give to his descendants. Of course, for those who have even the most superficial familiarity of the history of Israel they know that God changed his mind. Israel, or at least the adult generation from age twenty one years and older died in the wilderness. They perished in the wilderness as the result of their unbelief of God which prompted God to change his mind and rescinded (Numbers 14) the promise for that particular generation. It was their children, the children whom they thought would die in the wilderness, which God allowed to enter the land of promise.

God changes his mind concerning Nineveh
A third instance involves the people of the city of Nineveh. God sent his prophet Jonah to the distant city of Nineveh. Jonah was not sent to preach a message of hope or repentance. No, his message was quite brief and direct: forty days and Nineveh would be destroyed. The king believed the preaching of Jonah (see the book of Jonah which consists of four short chapters) and he humbled himself. He called on the people of Nineveh to do likewise. The humility  and repentance of Nineveh move God. He change his mind. (Of course, Jonah’s reaction was, to understate, disappointment, but that is for you to read. By the way, Jonah's resentment was not unlike some modern resentments concerning involvement in other countries and other people.) The destruction of Nineveh was called off and the people were spared.

All of these three instances of God changing his mind have something in common. The change of mind by God was not without reason. The common element in all three instances was sin. In the first instance there was no repentance by the people. In the second instance Israel repeatedly and historically would vacillate between sin and repentance. The one thing which stood between Israel and God was the promise which God made to Abraham that God would make him a great nation, hence, his long-suffering and patience with Israel. In the third instance Nineveh was not a people in covenant with God. They were not called to repent, yet they repented and God changed his mind.

So, while President Trump, as every president, both Republican and Democrat, have changed their mind about various thing once they came into office this is only as every one of us as human beings have done and do continually in our lives. God changed his mind. It may play well to blast those who changed their mind, but whether or not we agree with them if they are able to substantiate the reason for their change of mind this is what we human expect and hope from each other.

Is the only way you view a person who changes their mind as liar and a hypocrite or a Republican or a Democrat? If you can do so without pondering and examining your own flawed nature (sin is what the scriptures call it) than it is no surprise and I can only pray that you will change your mind. What is even greater than a change of mind is a turning around of your mind, what the scripture calls repentance which leads a transformation of heart, mind, soul and strength as your love is directed towards God, your creator.

Be blessed in Jesus.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Confirmations, charges and other noise makers

The Indwelling of Deity in the Believer: ebook & paperback

I do not think that Americans have become more vitriolic in their speech. I believe that vitriol has resided in their heart all along. It is just that with the advent of the internet and other communication technologies and devices it is much more readily apparent.

Of course, we know advocates and followers of, say, a politician have their banner slogans and catchy phrases ready for a moment’s notice to attack. Those, and I am one, who might as readily post a message from what some might assume is die-hard stance readily make known their chagrin that I should post such a thing. Are you yourself bothered and upset by those things? Do you know why?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Building a Wall

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President Donald Trump is driving hard to make good on his campaign promise to build a wall. It is neither the building of a wall nor the reality of a wall is the problem for Americans. Building a wall along the United States and Mexico border is no more the problem than immigration.

The problem is that Americans, both Republican and Democrats if we must cast it in a political mold, have forgotten and have long ceased to remember those things for which they profess to stand. Those things include our nation’s founding documents such as the Preamble to the Constitution as well as the acknowledgement and commendation of other nations of the world, France, to be specific, concerning our America’s humane and moral character. It was France who gifted our nation with that symbol of America’s liberty and its call to the nations of the world to give up its downtrodden yearning to be free.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Indwelling of Deity in the Believer

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Early this morning I published my ebook: The Indwelling of Deity in the Believer.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

King Hezekiah and King Hazael

He who has ears, let him hear.

Election day draws near. Some Americans and Christians alike struggle to decide for which candidate they will cast their vote; an insider or an outsider; whether Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or some other individual. There are, to be sure, many voters for whom none of the issues or events which emerge during the campaign bears any significance or meaning so as to affect their vote. Their resolve is an automatic, default vote for their party’s candidate regardless of what they might hear or learn.

Although Christians have the wealth of the wisdom of the scriptures they too often tend to caught up in the spirit of politics and whatever the mainstream media might peddle for them. There are two kings who come to mind from the history of Israel. One represents an insider; the other an outsider. Hezekiah was an insider. Hazael was an outsider.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Anointed Sinners, Moses and David

Moses and David were without question two of Israel’s most prominent theocratic leaders. There was no debate or vote for these men. They were selected and anointed by God. What might we possibly learn from two these sinners whom God selected and anointed? Might those lessons inform or expose our own political thought processes concerning the selection of our national leaders in America?

No one is perfect
There. The proverbial cat. It is out of the bag. The pithy header statement is the blithe default disclaimer of some individuals for themselves as well as for others. It is intended, both for their own flaws and the flaws and failures of others. The latter part of this holds especially true and is limited to one’s preferred not-perfect candidate, not the other candidate. The statement implies a sinlessness, or in worldly terms, being flaw-free. The truth is that neither the statement nor its implication is found among believers in Christ nor those who are of the world. Nevertheless it, like so much about politics, sounds good.