Monday, October 25, 2010

What is Halloween?

This is an articleWhat is Halloween? I wrote a while ago.

I am not given to observing or celebrating Christmas, Easter, Halloween or an other holiday. I take no offense by my brothers and sisters in the Lord who choose to observe or celebrate holidays. My participation in these holidays is to join in their celebration without any violation of conscience on my part.

What I do find amusing and sometimes baffling is the impassioned, but uninformed message from the pulpits throughout the church. This is especially true of Halloween. What Halloween has become is a mix of various things.Some see it as a celebration of Satanic rituals, others engage in costume disguise and trick or treating. None of these can obliterate the original intent of Halloween. Briefly, here is the intent of Halloween. See the article for more detail.

1.  People observed a day at end of harvest season when they would invoke and invite the spirits of loved ones who had died.
2.  People set out treats for the spirits of those dear ones in preparation of their visitation.
3.  People realized an open door to the spirit world also meant unwanted evil spirits could come upon them.
4.  People disguised themselves in scary apparel to appear as evil spirits in order to escape harm from unwanted evil spirits.

What has come to be known as Halloween was not a worship or celebration of demonic spirits. Halloween was the belief of the Druids of enjoying a time of fellowship . . . with the dead.

A lesson Christians can apply to Halloween:

Jesus has been raised from the dead in spirit and bodily form. He comes, not for a visit, but to live in the heart of the obedient believer. The believer in Christ has been freed from the fear of death and of Satan himself who HAD (past tense) the power of death and has no need to disguise himself or to engage with Satan. Satan lost his power of death through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Christians do not seek contact or fellowship with the dead. We do not remember or serve a dead Christ, but a risen and living Lord and Savior.

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