Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jesus Unscripted

Something that drew my attention to Jesus many years ago was his ready willingness to engage with anyone, anytime, anywhere. He was never at a loss because it was not the right time of the day, the right day or the tools he needed were not available.

Wherever and whenever the moment presented itself it was the teachable moment for Jesus. There were no dumb or stupid questions. Everything, whether hostile, ignorant, condescending or friendly received a response which resulted in understanding and enlightenment, if not for the questioner, than for others who heard his words.

So much of what the saints engage in during our study gatherings for understanding and enlightenment are often a rehash of the same old, sifted and pre-approved discussions as dictated either by the leadership in that church or the individual leading the study.

What about if saints and visitors came together, say in that customary Sunday morning study?  What if they engaged in discussion, in light of the scriptures, on an event, an overheard conversation, experience or thought from their life in the previous week? What if these were submitted as discussion requests by those in attendance?

The logistics are simple. Attendees write and submit their request for discussion on cards. The selections are read to the group. The group quickly narrows the selections to one or two for discussion as topic and time permit.

Of course, ALL are invited and encouraged to participate in the discussion.

Men and women who step up to take on that burden ought not do so if they can not stay the course in the face of difficult challenges in that discussion.

The discussion parameters:
  1. Establish the relationship with the scriptures
  2. Present the application of the scriptures
  3. Provide encouragement
Clearly, this is not an invitation for chaos, grandstanding or heavily charging the discussion with opinions. It is a open presence and work of the Holy Spirit in the gathering of the saints as a testimony for all who enter and join in that gathering.

Can you think of any reason with the men and women, saints and visitors alike would not be enlightened through hearing or participating in such a gathering among the children of God and Jesus unscripted?

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