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Sunday, October 23, 2016

King Hezekiah and King Hazael

He who has ears, let him hear.

Election day draws near. Some Americans and Christians alike struggle to decide for which candidate they will cast their vote; an insider or an outsider; whether Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or some other individual. There are, to be sure, many voters for whom none of the issues or events which emerge during the campaign bears any significance or meaning so as to affect their vote. Their resolve is an automatic, default vote for their party’s candidate regardless of what they might hear or learn.

Although Christians have the wealth of the wisdom of the scriptures they too often tend to caught up in the spirit of politics and whatever the mainstream media might peddle for them. There are two kings who come to mind from the history of Israel. One represents an insider; the other an outsider. Hezekiah was an insider. Hazael was an outsider.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Anointed Sinners, Moses and David

Moses and David were without question two of Israel’s most prominent theocratic leaders. There was no debate or vote for these men. They were selected and anointed by God. What might we possibly learn from two these sinners whom God selected and anointed? Might those lessons inform or expose our own political thought processes concerning the selection of our national leaders in America?

No one is perfect
There. The proverbial cat. It is out of the bag. The pithy header statement is the blithe default disclaimer of some individuals for themselves as well as for others. It is intended, both for their own flaws and the flaws and failures of others. The latter part of this holds especially true and is limited to one’s preferred not-perfect candidate, not the other candidate. The statement implies a sinlessness, or in worldly terms, being flaw-free. The truth is that neither the statement nor its implication is found among believers in Christ nor those who are of the world. Nevertheless it, like so much about politics, sounds good.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Quietness, Salvation and Women

Women, specifically ours sisters in Christ, are often told, and in many instances are instructed, as to their place in the ministry of the church, not surprisingly, by men. They are to be quiet and silent in that place. There is, to be sure, no small number of women who have accepted this instruction and teaching of men. Those women have themselves become active propagators of this message of men concerning the ministry of women in Christ. I will not question the sincerity or the good intentions behind this teaching. I derive no spiritual thrill from casting names on them or questioning their faith. This is not in discussion. What is in discussion is a carnal, worldly approach to the reading and teaching of the scriptures. What is in discussion here is the teaching which continues to be perpetuated as much by men as by women which calls for and places the quiet and saved woman into a second and lower tier in the royal priesthood of believers. This is especially true of women who are willing, able, and even more; who have a calling to teach and preach. This is at vastly serious odds with the scriptures.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Call for Making Reparations

Over the last few years the call has been stirred up by some apologists (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) seemingly on behalf of blacks for America to pay reparations for the past enslavement of blacks. This appears to be nothing less than a lofty mistaken notion because it traces back to a convenient point in recent history to the temporal problem of slavery, but not the root problem of mankind. It purports to take the moral high road and it sounds like a moral, just cause for some. It sounds like something out of the question for others. Of course, there are ideological and economic considerations involving such reparations. I am concerned with neither those considerations nor the reparations themselves. I am concerned with what purports to be a moral call for justice on behalf of blacks by some even while others deny any wrong involving the enslavement of blacks in America. Still others resist and oppose reparations for no reason other than their contempt and disdain for the black skin color of a human being.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Murder of Homosexuals in Orlando, Florida Nightclub

This is going to be brief concerning the killing of Americans in a Miami Florida nightclub. I admit I do not have all the details. I have not conducted any type of investigation and the premise concerning that murder is based on some mainstream media reports and social media sources. The preliminary indications, as I have been able to understand and about which I have drawn my conclusions (and about which I may turn out to be mistaken, nonetheless the core of this message will stand) is that the murderer targeted his victims because of their homosexuality or their association with homosexuals, or otherwise no particular reason. It’s not like he made sure that anyone who did not fall in either of those two categories would be spared the slaughter which would soon follow.

Undoubtedly, there are various views taken and which are being heard concerning the Orlando nightclub murders. There is the gun control view,

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Psalm 110: Melchizedek and the preexistence of Jesus

There is a great deal of speculation and denial concerning the preexistence of Jesus. Some, perhaps much or most of this, originates with what is touted as scholarly handling of the scriptures. The extension of this problem is that the some, or many, saints accept unquestionably as being true and accurate. The ancient and new sources which are cited and quoted are seemingly endless. Some are quick to ascribe a level of authority to those sources (such as Second Temple era) on par with the scriptures solely on the basis of their antiquity and their notable variation from scripture. In other words the fact that those sources are at variance with the scripture is sufficient to question the veracity of scripture rather than those ancient sources.  There is also the abundance of word and phrase dissections in the Hebrew and Greek languages. This is not to oppose or reject scholarly work. Rather, it is just that much of what often emerges is of little edification for the saints in Christ.

my Lord

There is an interesting insight concerning the preexistence of Jesus

Sunday, April 10, 2016

God: Thinks, Feels and Acts

parameter: the minute and the distant
There are some things which characteristically typify the discussion on God. Those are the parameters, not the actual substance, which outline the discussion. They are the infinitely, microscopically minute on one side and the infinitely distant in the universe on the other side. Between those parameters is a free-for-all of impassioned mockery and much-speak. The sole objective of one is to tear down; the other to build up.

God: thinks, feels and acts
These objectives, in the fuller spectrum of things, are not bad or evil in themselves. They are as much a part of life as anything else. There is a time for one as much as the other, Solomon said. The impassioned drive behind those discussions on God is not that we do not see or understand what or how we think, feel and act.