Sunday, January 29, 2017

Building a Wall

(Read: The Indwelling of Deity in the Believer by Gilbert Torres. My ebook is now available with paperback version upload coming soon as of 1/30/17. gt)

President Donald Trump is driving hard to make good on his campaign promise to build a wall. It is neither the building of a wall nor the reality of a wall is the problem for Americans. Building a wall along the United States and Mexico border is no more the problem than immigration.

The problem is that Americans, both Republican and Democrats if we must cast it in a political mold, have forgotten and have long ceased to remember those things for which they profess to stand. Those things include our nation’s founding documents such as the Preamble to the Constitution as well as the acknowledgement and commendation of other nations of the world, France, to be specific, concerning our America’s humane and moral character. It was France who gifted our nation with that symbol of America’s liberty and its call to the nations of the world to give up its downtrodden yearning to be free.
It is the message depicted on and by the statue of Liberty. The other source of those things which we profess, perhaps because of its higher status than all the other documents, casts the strongest indictment on Republican and Democrat alike is the scriptures of the Bible.

It is these scriptures as the source of the divine revelation of the will of God which factored prominently in the lives of our Founding Fathers and the founding of America. It is these scriptures as well as their source, namely God, who authored these through the hands of faithful servants from Moses to the prophets to the apostle John

The hypocrisy in Americans, both Republican and Democrat, is as strong and as deep as the foundation which sustains a wall. The greatest indictment falls on the saints in Christ; my brothers and sisters in the faith, that is, those who profess to be disciples and followers of Jesus. The multiplicity in the contradictions in what they profess to champion as much in favor of immigrants as against immigration is due in no small part to their similar quantification (such as three or even one) of the God who is one. How you wonder? It is that when those  who profess to know God resort to conjuring up all manner of convoluted concoctions to explain God. No wonder then, that they resort to thinking and talking like those who do not know God and go right along with their solutions, as in this case, immigration.

The wall is just another, though certainly not necessarily the latest, false sense of security by Americans. It is right up there with military might, bravado, crassness and trash talk.

I am not opposed to the building of a wall. I will not advocate for the building of a wall. These are the things, like military might, which concern and occupy the minds, heart, soul and strength of those know not God. This is not a condemnation of them. It is a simple fact. It is the reality of the way of the world.

My words are directed to those who profess to walk and talk as children of the kingdom of heaven, but who seem to have forgotten and ceased to remember the written testimony of the word of God, the fellowship of the saints, the God who is one, the God who loves you and the God whom you love. You claim to love God whom you have not seen, but (remember the words of John) you shut up your compassion for your brother whom you have seen. (I John 4:20)  You may retort that an Muslim immigrant is neither your brother in Christ nor is he your friend. Is he your enemy? Then do not forgot and reject the teaching of Jesus to love your enemies. I do  not expect those who know neither God nor his word to know or hear this, but I do expect of those who are called by His name.

God strongly admonished and reminded Israel at every moment to treat well the widows, orphans AND the alien who is among you. (Exodus 22:21, Deuteronomy 10:19) The certain unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness are not and never were blessings limited to Americans, but to ALL men who are created equal by God. The apostle Paul reminds Christians that we were once aliens towards God and without God. (Ephesians 2:12) How true are you being to these things?

Since we are speaking of hypocrisy. Here is another contradiction upheld and clutched firmly by some saints in Christ whose heart, mind, soul and strength are more devoted to America than the kingdom of heaven. It is especially touted as pro-life by Republicans against Democrats who tout their purported message of love for women. It is the matter of abortion.

By what divine decree do Republicans who purport to champion the life of the unborn presume to seat themselves in the chair of God to tell a woman that she can have an abortion if her life is in danger or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest? Christians who sing in harmony with Republicans on this song are oblivious and have chosen to forget the incestuous conception and birth of Edom and Moab the daughters of Lot by their own father. (Genesis 19)

Do not jump to conclusions. I do not oppose and I will not advocate for that abortion. I recognize the decision to abortion that child as wrong, but I am not compelled to heap condemnation or scorn on them anymore than God heaped scorn and condemnation of the daughters of Lot and Lot himself for succumbing to such drunken state so as for his daughters to lay with him. It truly is going to be, however unpleasant and discomforting it might be on your sensibilities, the woman and/or man’s decision to make. The respective buzzwords of Republicans for “pro-life” and Democrats for “pro-choice” are as abysmal as they are pathetic to empathize with those in such a situation. Mostly, such family life situations represent a political opportunity to be mind by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Even now, in the midst of a number of protests against President Trump’s executive orders do not be deceived about any appearance or semblance of what might be mistaken as righteousness by protesters and those who support them. Even if there were a true and sincere interest in the protesters in behalf of immigrants the absence in their message of a call for America to remember her founding, heritage and the scriptures is quite likely not in the minds of those protesters. What is there and what is present is, both an opportunity for some to revel without restraint and a political opportunity for others. It is an opportunity for some to put on a show of presumed moral righteousness, but for which there is no moral authority other than or greater  than themselves. Hence, do not expect and do not mistake a solution to the problem of immigration even if it were to their liking as the restoration of memory to those things which America has either forgotten or chosen to, like an aborted fetus, discard. America may well build a wall and while some might look upon it as concrete and mortar the saints in Christ will see it as a reminder of what they have forgotten, but have chosen to discard.

Remember the call of Jesus to those who love God: You are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. (Mark 12:29-31) You are to love your neighbor likewise.

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