Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Confirmations, charges and other noise makers

(The Indwelling of Deity in the Believer by Gilbert Torres: ebook & paperback)

I do not think that Americans have become more vitriolic in their speech. I believe that vitriol has resided in their heart all along. It is just that with the advent of the internet and other communication technologies and devices it is much more readily apparent.

Of course, we know advocates and followers of, say, a politician have their banner slogans and catchy phrases ready for a moment’s notice to attack. Those, and I am one, who might as readily post a message from what some might assume is die-hard stance readily make known their chagrin that I should post such a thing. Are you yourself bothered and upset by those things? Do you know why?

Here is the reason why I remain unfazed by the tactics from both Republicans and Democrats and their disciples. It is very important to note that not only their tactics and message, respectively can be incendiary, but how they are countered with a barrage of labels and insults such as liberal and conservative, racist, homophobic. These are the standard ammunition with which opposing parties assail each other. Does any of this ring familiar with you outside of the context of politics?

This is the same, albeit low-grade version, of disparaging insults hurled on Jesus. Here is a sampling of some of those insults or that was the intended effect. He was maligned as being born of fornication. He was told that he had a demon. He was told he was a Samaritan. He was accused of being a winebibber and a glutton. Perhaps you have hurled the same or similar insults on others? Would you follow such an individual? Hence, the reason why many do not follow Jesus. This is far older than our present day political stage. No less has been said about the God of the scriptures and the written revelation of his will.

So, what I hear by way of charges against politicians on both sides is nothing new. It is assumed by those who cast insults that, first, they are more righteous than those individuals and the insults have a default value of crediting and elevating their own candidate in their own eyes. Furthermore, the casting of those insults on another serves to elevate oneself in their own estimation and reassurance that not only are they, for example, racist, but they are righteous. People deceive themselves that merely yelling it out makes it true. You might think or say to yourself, yes, but Jesus was a nice man. Please.

As long as one is engaged in hurling insults at political confirmations, charges of racism and other noise makers at another individual they see no need or have no time (so busy, you know) to examine themselves. This is the rejection by those who heard Jesus and which they utterly despised and resented, Unless you repent you will all likewise perish.

Here is another charge you might heard or made about Jesus, that He is arrogant. Jesus said no man comes to the Father, but by me. This is not arrogance. It is for your information. No one else is coming for you. No one loves you like I do. Christians and nonbelievers alike wallow and revel in the same mire pit. It is a frenzy. It is a party. Keep up the noise and you will continue to drown out your own inner voice to seek righteousness and the kingdom of heaven.

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